Where it began
Datablocks is a Dutch company founded in 2023 with the goal of making an impact on the circular economy within the data storage industry. We noticed that hard drives that could no longer be sold as new, but often with zero power on hours, were being destroyed - a waste!

With us, you can find hard drives and SSDs at friendly prices. Additionally, our customers directly contribute to reducing their 'carbon footprint' with their purchases. A great win-win situation, we believe.

Where we stand now
In the meantime, we have officially become a Seagate partner, where we have assurance about the quality of the purchased products - read more about it here - and we are a member of the Circular Drive Initiative, a collective of companies contributing to reducing e-waste. Read more about it here.

Your opinion is valuable!
We also find your opinion very important. That’s why we are affiliated with WebwinkelKeur. We believe it’s important that reviews provide an accurate picture of our products and services. Therefore, our reviews are managed impartially by WebwinkelKeur. WebwinkelKeur has taken measures to ensure the authenticity of reviews. You can read more about these measures here. Our customers are not rewarded for writing reviews. No discounts or other gifts are given.