Datablocks batch 1 & 2 results 👏🌱

Datablocks batch 1 & 2 results 👏🌱

Thank you so much for your trust!
It's crazy to think that since Datablocks was founded, an astounding amount of 4+ PB has been ordered by & delivered to our customers all over Europe. And that after only 6 weeks after Datablocks was founded. I am thankful for your trust!

It doesn't stop here.
Now that Datablocks has completed a first batch, the second batch is just around the corner. In batch 2, again more than 4 PB has been ordered. Pictures of batch 2 will follow later! Here are the photos of batch 1:

A lot of hard drives needed?
- Do you have a company within the EU?

- And are you looking for 20+ Seagate White Label and/or Recertified HDDs (small test order possible!)

- Datablocks can arrange 14/16/18/20/22 TB hard drives, both SAS and SATA

- Please contact us via or Telegram (

- Bram

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